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How do your Blog readers know when you make a new post?  Do you have tell them somehow – via email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?  Wouldn’t it be more convenient for you and them if they could automatically be alerted by email of a new post?

This can be achieved using Google’s FeedBurner service.  After setting up an account, you will need to do the following to create a new feed:

  • Supply your blog or feed address (works with Joomla and other platforms too) – For example, http://zygrinsites.com/news
  • Choose which source if multiple exist. – zygrinsites.com/news/feed/ or zygrinsites.com/news/comments/feed/
  • Supply a Title – ZYGR INsites
  • Enter a URL – http://feeds.feedburner.com/ZYGRINsites
  • Decide which optional traffic stats you would like to capture in addition to Circulation, Readership and Uncommon Uses – Clickthroughs, Item enclosure downloads, Individual item views and resyndication and/or Reach

Your feed is now setup.  To add a signup form to your Blog, you will need to do the following:

  • While still in FeedBurner, click the Publicize tab
  • Choose Email Subscriptions
  • Click Activate
  • Copy the html code in the Subscription Form Code section
  • Log into your Blog and create a new Text widget and paste the html code
  • You can then edit the html to change the verbiage to your liking

That’s It!  Visitors of your blog will now be able to sign up to be alerted when a new post is made.  When they submit their email address, they will be taken to FeedBurner to complete their request. and a verification message with instructions will be sent to them.