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ZYGR INsites…the secret to successful websites

The Secret Formula

insight + creativity = an “IN” website

insight We take the time to understand our clients’ businesses and their processes… we’re a partner invested in the success of their business.

creativity We custom-design each website so that your message stands apart from your competitors’ and represents the quality of your company or organization.

“IN” Another way to say “in style”.

Check out Our Story for more information including the meaning behind our name and logo.

The Ingredients Revealed

You may be thinking, “If you reveal the ingredients, how can the formula be secret?” Well….we lied. We called it secret to get you to visit this page so Google ranks us higher in their search engine results. Seriously though, you will find basic best practices for building websites on this page.

We want you to know what is involved in building a website and to realize it’s not just a one-time effort. It’s not a magic bullet – “built it and they will come”. Visitors need to be nudged to your website and new content needs to be added regularly to keep them coming back.

Be Attractive

A website represents the quality of your work and your professionalism so make sure it:

    • is attractive looking
    • not the same old blue and white
    • unclutttered
    • contains pictues and video

Make Your Mission Obvious

Your visitors should immediately know what products you sell, what service you offer or what cause you’re passionate about by looking at the header which should include:

    • Company Name
    • Tag Line (short sentence summarizing your mission)
    • Logo

Make Navigation Easy

    • no more than 5 to 7 menu items
    • contact details in upper right-hand corner
    • address or at least your service area
    • contact form instead of email or at least a professional email address instead of @comcast)

Offer Useful Content

Give the people what they want; give them a reason to what to go to your site and hang out for a while.

Attract Visitors

    • Implement basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – titles, descriptions and keywords on your
    • post teasers on social media sites with Read More links back to the site
    • participate in group discussions to show you’re an expert in your field

Get Email Addresses

Entice people to sign up for your newsletter by giving them something – a coupon, an expert article, a chance to win a prize, etc.

Keep Them Coming Back

CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT…Providing relevant, interesting, useful content on a regular basis is the most important part of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to get your website to the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). If you don’t do this, there is no magic bullet that some SEO companies may lead you to believe.

    • Post appealing info, promotions, etc on a regular basis and re-post on your social media outlets (to drive new people to your site)
    • Hire a content writer if you have to

IMPORTANT:  Before having someone design your website, make sure they will be using a content management system like WordPress so you can update it yourself.  One of the biggest complaints we hear from owners of websites using older technology is that it takes weeks or months for their website person to make changes or they can only do them at night or on weekends.